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Electrical Engineering systems plc (EES) was established in 1999 in accordance with the 1960 Commercial Code of Ethiopia.


In view of present business situation in Ethiopia. EES foresees its vision in perspective of becoming knowledge based company of choice and a role model in the engineering sector through delivery of solution oriented world class services.


As a company with substantial experience in supporting customers in the area of identifying their operational & process related constraints, EES mission is streamlined as a company that strives to become a successful electromechanical company by supporting its customers in the energy, Industry, Construction , Water Works, Agriculture etc sectors through providing reliable products, systems and services.


The management & Workforce of EES is cognizant of the bottom-line reality that success lies in making its customers profitable and competitive, in improving the benefits to its employees, in achieving long term growth and return to its share holders as well as in contributing to direct and indirect development of all its stake holders in the community The satisfaction of our customers, employees and share holders as well as direct and indirect benefits to all our stakeholders therefore, forms the basis of our objectives for success.



Phone & Fax

  • +251-11 466 95 06
  • +251-11 466 95 07
  • +251-11 466 95 08
  • +251-11 466 95 09
  • Fax:+251-11 466 95 11
  • +251 91 1 20 36 23
  • +251 91 1 20 36 24